Why Should you consider using Akacy.com?



The last decade has seen  an explosion of digital photography at a very fast pace. The approach to photography has become a multidisciplinary one requiring photographers to have an understanding of color management, print, Photoshop and international trends of photography and image retouching guidelines. Though there are an abundance of talented artistic photographers  many photographers and photography instructors are basically self-taught and have serious technical gaps in their education. Gaps that can be costly to your business.

Our photographer/retoucher  Ali has attended SBCC school of Photography in Santa Barbara California, and has also a degree in arts and science from Paris, France.  Ali works in a color managed  work-flow, uses high quality digital equipment and Zeiss optics. Ali is trilingual and speaks English and French fluently.  Ali has more than a decade of photography experience in the United States and is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction.





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